Welcome to grescooters.com

We are en eCommerce retail shop that sells some of the most advance electric scooters that hit the market. Here at Grescooters.com we pride ourselves on service and quality of all items we sell. We value your business and want to provide top quality products at an afordable price.

We want you to experience more than just some scooter that takes you places, but provide you with all the tools, gadgets, and whistles that will make your travel adventurers something to remember.

grescooters.com is founded on a passion to deliver the best electric scooter with easy charging, environmentally friendly, and the luxury to take your scooter anywhere for your enjoyment.

My name is Tony McCabe - Founder of Grescooters.com

The company started out in the United Kingdom and its mission was to provide green energy scooters and accessories. As of today, I took over as the sole owner of grescooters.com

How it all Started   

Walking around Long Beach, CA Tony noticed people using electric scooters through out the city. He also noticed there was several electric scooters on almost every street corner where he current lived.

While thinking about electric scooters Tony discovered a company online company that sell established businesses https://exchangemarketplace.com.

Since then Tony decided to buy the company and turn it around. 

His Mission

Tony wants nothing more than having people get around quicker and easier without running into pedestrians. He hopes that more scooters are used to get around and that everyone can own one someday.